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Business Intelligence

Tools, Insight & Inspiration for your Organization.

Branding is crucial for products and services sold in huge consumer markets. It’s also important in B2B because it helps you stand out from your competition by bringing your competitive position and value proposition to life.

All customer satisfaction and loyalty experts agree that a company's highly satisfied and loyal customers spend more, are more likely to refer other customers and actually cost less to serve than marginally satisfied customers.

Strategic Marketing Services offers a modern and spacious focus group suite located on the campus of the University of Northern Iowa in Cedar Falls, Iowa.

Our Expertise

Let SMS Demonstrate the Value of an Intelligence Partner

Core Competencies

SMS’s core competencies are equally manifest in both quantitative and qualitative research methodologies.

How We Work

To put it directly, SMS’s competitive edge is the quality of our professional staff—a staff that is: motivated, genuinely, to excel for you; and empowered, wholly, to do just that.

Our Prospectus

Since 1990 Strategic Marketing Services (SMS) has established a solid reputation for delivering marketplace intelligence that's accurate, actionable and affordable.