How We Work

To put it directly, SMS’s competitive edge is the quality of our professional staff—a staff that is: motivated, genuinely, to excel for you; and empowered, wholly, to do just that. We recognize many research firms exist that know the X’s and O’s of the research business. Most operate under a business model in which profit margins can’t be compromised—a factor that often prevents their going the extra mile for you. Yet, often enough, that extra mile is exactly what pushes a project from average to excellent. That extra mile we travel is the insight we give you into the information we collected. Specifically, we give it a meaningful context and practical interpretation. Going the extra mile is also evident when you ask our project managers to give you that “something more”—and instead of citing a “cost impact”, we respond unhesitatingly to meet your request. That’s just the way we operate and what sets us apart from other marketing research firms.

Benefits from Working with SMS

  1. You receive personal attention.
  2. You are charged a fair and reasonable price.
  3. Meeting project objectives and prescribed timelines are a priority with us.
  4. An experienced research manager manages your project—not someone behind the scenes.
  5. At project conclusion, you have information that is accurate and actionable; you have newly acquired market intelligence.

We welcome the opportunity to learn more about your goals and specific needs. Together, we can forge a partnership that will positively and aggressively move your business forward.