Core Competencies

SMS’s core competencies are equally manifest in both quantitative and qualitative research methodologies. Our greatest strengths lie in our proven abilities to:

1. Create world-class survey instruments (objective-driven content, expertly composed) and administer them online or through traditional means;
2. Conduct in-depth interviews using creative, engaging scripts, and administer them with equal skill online, in person, or over the phone;
3. Professionally moderate focus groups, ideation sessions, or industry “roundtables” either online or in person; and
4. Generate and diligently maintain customized expert and professional panels for quick-turn research.

But our greatest core competency goes beyond a skill set: it is our willingness and ability to understand the needs of our clients, and to translate that understanding into perfectly crafted research scopes. We energize those scopes with project managers who are not only genuinely motivated to excel for our clients, but who are wholly empowered to do just that.