3 Ways Voice of the Customer Research Can Improve Customer Loyalty

If you want your organization to be customer-centric, then you must study your customers' behavior and measure your customers' opinions. Voice of the Customer (VOC) research is a technique designed to help an organization do just that. Specifically it allows you to better understand customers' wants and needs and prioritize their concerns (by importance and satisfaction levels) to positively affect customer satisfaction & loyalty.

Several studies suggest VOC research is critical to your organization's long-term success because it drives customer satisfaction & loyalty improvements in 3 ways:

  1. Increased willingness to consider another purchase = higher revenue from incremental purchases
  2. Lower likelihood of defecting to a competitor = lower churn
  3. Higher likelihood of recommending to a friend or colleague = new revenue from referrals

Improvements in these areas not only build customer satisfaction & loyalty, but also have a positive impact on your organization's bottom line. So, now that you understand the benefits VOC research offers, how do you get started? Voice of the Customer studies typically include information from the following areas:

  • Customer perceptions of your brand
  • Customer satisfaction & loyalty data
  • Customer usage information
  • Customer future needs
  • Competitor perception information

Due to the complexity often associated with VOC studies, we recommend utilization of properly trained personnel for VOC design and implementation. Strategic Marketing Services has helped several organizations with Voice of the Customer study design, data collection, analysis and improvement initiative development and implementation. Click on the button below for more information about a VOC / Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty case study available from Strategic Marketing Services.

Ultimately, Voice of the Customer reseach is designed to help you understand your customers' needs, wants and concerns and then use that information to effect positive change. For more information about how Strategic Marketing Services can help your organization explore Voice of the Customer research, please visit our website http://www.sms.uni.edu or contact us directly at 319.273.2886.