The Value of Social Media

Although SMS has a long early adopter history for cutting edge technology regarding research applications, we have stood on the sidelines observing how this "social media" thing will play out. But, it has become increasingly apparent social media is here to stay and it offers valuable benefits for both companies and their clients.  

So, Strategic Marketing Services is getting social for the following reasons:

1. Social media has become mainstream. Our peers, prospects and clients expect us to be social, especially those from younger generations.

2. Social media gives SMS the opportunity to engage, educate and occasionally entertain our followers.

3. Social media is a great tool for feedback. SMS will be able to more effectively listen and respond to peer, prospect and client feedback.

Currently you can follow Strategic Marketing Services on Facebook and LinkedIn, and keep looking for our blog that will feature informative and periodically entertaining articles. In the meantime, we welcome your feedback.

To learn more about Strategic Marketing Services, please visit our website or contact us directly at 319.273.2886.