Competitive Intelligence

Business competition forces organizations to innovate, improve and grow and Competitive Intelligence is what empowers organizations to beat their competition. Your organization’s long-term success may well depend on the knowledge that you can acquire about your market competitors.  Competitive Intelligence allows organizations to make the best business decisions in advance of competitive events and enables management to evaluate potential strategic moves. Continuous collection and use of Competitive Intelligence enables organizations to reap the rewards of becoming proactive in the marketplace.

The same elements that are important to know about your own organization should be part of an organization’s Competitive Intelligence efforts. Competitive Intelligence should include assessments of company-level characteristics such as sales, marketing and service capabilities, corporate messaging, branding and finances, as well as, product line or service attributes like pricing, positioning and line extensions. Strategic Marketing Services has extensive knowledge and experience in the area of Competitive Intelligence and can assist your organization in developing and implementing a comprehensive plan.

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